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About us

Who are we, what we do, how we do it, why we do it

Who are we

We are an event producing company based in Budapest, Hungary, focused on providing nightlife activities to tourists, locals, international students and expats in Budapest!We have over 5 years of experience having produced over 3,500 parties and pub crawls, creating amazing memories to over 100,000 satisfied

What we do

Our signature product is our Pub Crawl where our experts guides will take you to amazing pubs and ruin bars where you will enjoy lots of Hungarian Beer, Wine and shots all the while playing awesome drinking games and getting to know people from all over the world. Of course the night will finish in one of our amazing partner clubs, which are the best in the city, and since you are a pub crawler you get VIP entrance and skip the queue!

Why we do it

We believe that the nightlife is an essential part of social interaction for all human beings and therefore we try to provide the best experiences possible at very competitive prices. Budapest is becoming more well known everyday and it was about time for it to happen! Of course we are absolutely biased but we just love this city and its amazing nightlife! You think you’ve seen what it’s all about in the movie and tv shows? Trust me, we can show you soo much more!

How we do it

There are several products available on our website, some of them are operated by us, such as the pub crawl, wine tasting and the hen and stag experiences - you can count with our team of professional party makers and coordinators who will guarantee an unforgettable experience.  Some of the products available on our website are provided through special deals with our partners, for example the boat party and escape rooms. If you have any questions regarding which activities are provided directly by Nightlife Budapest or by our partners feel free to shoot us a message.